Club Prices


Price List 2016


Day Pass or Try Out Naf  25,-

10 Visit Card Naf 190,-

1 Week Membership Naf  80,-  

1 Month Only Membership Naf 199,-


Membership with unlimited access to fitness, cardio, locker rooms, sauna,

steam room and Jacuzzi ( Avila) / Pool ( Body Beach )


Registration Fee (all memberships) Naf  50,-

Monthly Payment Naf 149,-

6 Month Membership Naf  700,- 

1 Year Membership    Naf 1150,-


Corporate and groups of both minimum 8 people, 1 payment.   

6 Month Membership Naf  600,-

1 Year Membership Naf 1050,-



Students and Senior 60+ memberships 

Registration Fee Naf 50,-

Monthly Payment Naf 135,-

3 Months (free registration) Naf 335,-

6 Months (free registration) Naf 540,-

1 Year (free registration) Naf 945,-



Training program with Wellness Key Naf 75,-  



All members have also free access to all activities at Body Beach Wellness Club.





1. Payments in advance. Next payment date only changes into the current date after not visiting the club for over 2 weeks after ending your membership.

2. Vacation off-island / Illness? We can extend your membership with the same period IF notified in advance and minimum of 2 weeks. Shorter periods are not possible.

3. 5% extra charge on all Credit Card and Kompa Leon. No AMEX.

4. No refunds or exchange possible. Please read carefully contract and rules of use.