Santai Services


To get the most out of your Santai Spa experience, we recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. After receiving your complimentary bathrobe, you can proceed to the locker area where you can change and use a locker for safe storage of your personal belongings. You can optionally take a shower and, while waiting for your therapist, you are welcome to enjoy the steam room or sauna or just relax around the Jacuzzi. At Santai Spa you can be sure that every effort is taken to offer you a pleasant and luxurious wellness experience that will stay in your mind!


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AIR (Aroma Therapy)
  • Relax
    Allow yourself a long moment of pure relaxation with our natural essences boosting your mental well-being.
  • You & Me (couple) indoor/outdoor
    Enjoy together a relaxing massage. Our treatment rooms are designed for couples too. But if you prefer outside or in your own room, it’s our pleasure to serve you there.
  • Stress Away
    To release stress pains from your flight or business we offer specific stress away massages.
  • Deep Tissue
    Real muscle tension or bad blood circulation can be taken away by our professional therapist.
  • Your Signature
    At Santai Spa you can create your own type of massage together with the experience of your therapist. Find the perfect combination of what you like, want and need.
  • Lava Stone
    The heated stones increase your blood circulation and help you treat chronic muscle pains.The hot feeling penetrates deeply into your muscles and increases your total well-feeling.
  • Santai Signature
    Our way of natural thinking lead us to create a wonderful combination between using real bamboo and specific herbal stemples. The real Santai Experience!
  • Herbal Massage
    Together with our hands your body is pampered with comfortable warm herbal stemples.
  • Hydro Med (especially for during pregnancy)
    On a warm water filled bed the therapist treats you with warm care. This massage allows total relaxation of your body. Especially for pregnancy but definitely not only.
  • Turkish Foam Massage
    From the ancient Hamman tradition in Turkey. This massage involves lots of foam and relaxes your tensed muscles. The soft scrubbing effect of the special soap cushion leaves your skin shinny and soft.
    Choose from:
    • Stimulating
    • Contouring
    • Soothing
    Body Polish, Vichy Shower, Wrap & Body Moisterizing
    Choose from:
    • Go Away Cellulite
    • Pain Free Mud
    • Sculpting Detox
    • Holistic 5 Elements by PHYTO 5
  • Meridian Balance (shiatsu)
    From the ancient world of Japan the Shiatsu has become a popular treatment. Using fingers, palms and fore arms a gentle but firm pressure is put along your body’s energy channels to stimulate the meridians.
  • Chinese Foot
    A combination of Chinese and Egyptian reflexology. Our hands point to specific areas on your feet connected to corresponding body parts. This stimulates and support your body mechanism, over-all circulation and organ functioning.
  • 4 Hand (2 therapists)
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Yin Yan Balance
  • Watsu (in water)
  • Thai
    The theraoist really works on your body. Outside or in your room the therapist stretches all muscles leaving them completely renewed and full of energy. This massage is on a mat on the floor and we recommend you to wear loose clothing.
  • Turkish Foam Massage
    From the ancient Hamman tradition in Turkey. This massage involves lots of foam and relaxes your tensed muscles. The soft scrubbing effect of the special soap cushion leaves your skin shinny and soft.
  • Shirodhara
    The bath in oil… The perfect way to clean your aura and eliminate toxix resudus from your body. Also an excellent upgrade of your massage.


Santai Spa FACE Treatments

  • Santai Cleansing Facial
  • Gold Lift Facial
  • Chinese Herbal Peeling
  • Holistic Facial by PHYTO 5

Nail Care

  • Happy Feet (also French Pedicure)
  • Santai Signature Foot Care (parafina)
  • Lucky Hands (also French Manicure)
  • Santai Hand Care (parafina)
  • Kids Teen Hands & Feet

We also provide GEL Nails instead of regular nail polish.

Hair Removal

  • Eyebrow
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Arm Pit
  • Half Arm
  • Full Arm
  • Back
  • Bikini
  • Half Leg
  • Full Leg
  • Brazilian
  • Hollywood


  • Mental Wellness Package
    Start the day with a wake up balance through a yoga session (55 min). After, relax a moment with a fruity smoothie drink in the Jacuzzi (20 min) to stimulate all circulation processes in your body to prepare for an energizing deep tissue massage. (55 min) After you may use the steam and sauna to get in the mood for a rejuvenating wrapping (85 min). Finish your day with an herbal infuse tea.(total 220 min)
  • Balance Wellness Package
    This day starts with a personal training session by our highly qualified staff with cardio and kinetic movements. (55min) After you will use our steam and sauna area (20 min) to prepare yourself for a Meridian balance massage (55 min). To complete your day you will enjoy a full body polish (45min) and after our Jacuzzi with a delicious herbal infuse tea. (total 195 min)
  • Cinderella Package for Her
    Are you going to get married or do you have an important event coming up, then you will fall in love with this one. You will be pampered and treated like a princess. Your day starts with a relaxing 20 minutes in the Jacuzzi. After a deep cleansing rose body polish (40 min) your body will be wrapped with moor mud (45 min). A fruity smoothie drink will finish your morning session. After a healthy lunch (included) a facial of your needs (55min) and a manicure and pedicure (50 min) will make you feel and be beautiful. Conclude your day with an herbal infuse tea.(total 260 min)
  • Pirate of Curacao for Him
    If you want to give your man a fantastic day at our spa this package is for him. After spending some relaxing time in our whirlpool (20 min), a deep cleaning, especially designed for men facial (55 min) will really start his day. Followed by a deep tissue massage that will relax and stress-out all your man’s muscles. (55 min). After a healthy included lunch his body will be scrubbed (40 min) with the finest products to prepare him for a stunning wrapping (45 min). Of course this day will also end with an herbal infuse tea. (total 220 min)